silence resounding
CD (sold out, available in digital)

LINE is proud to present the third full length work by Miki Yui, Silence Resounding. This is the second CD for Yui on LINE. Silence Resounding was made after working on a series of Installations and compositions, relating to environment and to acoustic perception. It draws a map between acoustic landscapes and amorphous memories.
Silence Resounding is a continuation of aesthetic themes from Miki Yui’s well received 2000 release lupe luep peul epul (LINE_003) taking sounds recorded in various spaces, often sampler processed natural/acoustically based, and woven them into intricate multi-layered compositions. These acoustic fragments are meant to fill in the sonic environmental gaps and create a new space that implies a layer of memories. Her sounds mirror memory loops bits and pieces of past sights, visions, feelings, echoed in warm sine tones, clicks, grit, and vibrating timbresÜrecalled and then merged into the environment to return as new memories that let the listener sink into the moment of listening, creating a loop. released July 1, 2003