vinyl / CD
my – 01
mastering Rashad Becker at D&M

11 tracks total 37:27

oscilla is the fifth full length solo album of Japanese artist Miki Yui
and it is her first release on her new imprint MY.

Her first album “Small Sounds” (1999/Bmb Lab) reflects her interest in quiet and barely audible sounds. Delicate signals, from a tiny hiss to a distant hum are crafted into unhurried pieces of music charged with narrative tension. Ever since then she developed her own unique style of music composition of environmental recordings and recorded sounds of objects woven into abstract landscapes. oscilla now carries this setting a little further. Compared to her previous albums, it is an generous and playful blend of environmental and pure electronic sounds like microphone feedback, analogue synthesizers or self-constructed solar oscillators which are augmented here for the first ever time and are reminiscent of the albums title. Everything here is airy and sparse, reduced in no metric pace. Sometimes you hear a singing bird and it transforms into an mysterious synthetic acoustic excursions. Like an imaginary place where oscillas, Godzillas? growing plants or other oscillating creatures tell each other their travelogue and phantastic stories.

The album is released in conjunction with a text by German author Tine Rahel Völcker. oscilla comes in a limited edition of 300 vinyl, in hand stamped unique artwork.