series of perfromances that become an installation 2010 – 2018
mixed media – audio recorder, audio player, speaker, diverse materials
dimensions variable

mamagoto is an imitation, is a common game among children,
often an imitation of adult´s culinary practices.
“mamma” is from baby-talk, meaning food, especially rice
while “goto” meaning the thing, or the act in Japanese.
Found materials are used in mamagoto.

performance + exhibition at
Sound Unheard, Goethe Institut Paris 2019
Sinus Ton Festival, Magdeburg 2016
SAM/OTO, London (with Rolf Julius) 2011
Samtidskunst, Roskilde, Denmark 2011
blank, e/static Torino 2010 
Around Festival, Hong Kong 2010

performance at
Große Kunst Ausstellung, Düsseldorf 2018
Performatik, Brussels 2015
Kunstraum, Düsseldof 2012
Moltkerei Wekstatt, Köln 2011
Hamburger Bahnhof for Julius, Berlin 2011